10 Effective Habits to Become Productive

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It is easy for us to live our life happily and comfortably when everything goes well in our daily life. But the main challenge comes when we need to prove ourselves to be productive in a tough time and difficult situation.

You know what Productivity is a trait that we need to endeavor that gives you the ability to become resilient. In today's life, we are not paying more attention to this trait which plays a vital role in order to have a happy lifestyle.

Being productive is an art, which could be learned from experience because today's generation lives their life in virtual reality which is vague and ambiguous they happy to live life virtually by creating a virtual reality in their dreams and start living in this virtual environment. But this thinking is harmful to them which creates a huge difference between actual reality and virtual reality.

Here are 10 effective habits that will help you to become more productive.

1. Note Down Everyday Tasks

In order to practically implement today’s tasks, you need to note them down and keep these written tasks to the place where you visit frequently. This activity helps you to stay focus, let down all your distractions, and give you a measurable milestone.

Writing down important points or tasks that are important while will give you some satisfaction that these are the daily tasks that I need to perform and out of them how many of them I have achieved.

Say yourself after completion of every task that “I can do it”.

2. Prioritising your Tasks

Prioritizing the daily written tasks is a key ingredient to become productive. Prioritizing or we can say that doing the tasks that are complex or doing the tasks that are simple, it all depends on person to person.

Because there are people who are able to solve complex problems while having a fresh mindset, so if you are in this category then you can give the first priority to the complex tasks and then can do less complex or easy tasks.

If you are the type of person that becomes impatient while solving complex problems in the first place then, you should priorities easy tasks first, and when you see that easy tasks will give you some confidence then start with the complex tasks or problems, this will save your time and make you more productive.

3. Use the Learners Approach, Don't Be Judgemental

Blaming someone else in life is very easy. When something goes wrong when you doing your tasks, what's your first reaction? Your reaction and approach towards your reaction will define that you are productive or not.

Reaction 1: If you are asking whose fault it was?

Reaction 2: Is this a useful mistake?

If you follow Reaction 1, then you are more common because who lets people down and keep on blaming someone else, which gives you satisfaction for not being accountable for the situation.

If you follow Reaction 2, then it shows that you are in a productive stage and become more resilient day by day. Being accountable for the situation is a personal trait that not everyone is having. There is no failure, either you learn or you win the situation.

4. Don't Afraid to become Emotional Weak

Many people think that in order to be productive we need be alone and not engage with anyone emotionally, but that not true. We all are humans and are social creatures. We are engaging with networks, Facebook groups, and relationships with one another.

In order to be productive, you need to handle the emotional side. Productive and resilient people are stronger and better to handle relationships and a person is become emotionally strong not only from others advice but by emotionally engage with others.

Be around with people who are always with you in tough times. They will give you inner strength and moral support to push you to move on.

Productive people are those who aren’t afraid to let other people into their failure. They take it as a medicine to handle their emotional site.

5. Stop Being Distracted or Lose Perspective

Productive people are not always successful or cheery — it’s just they don't let their goal statement or a perspective of doing things gets fade away. Life’s ups and downs are part of life you cannot control them. But what you can control is to have a never give up attitude and giving all you got.

As a writer or an educator, I have also felt low sometimes with bad comments or with fewer views. But one thing that makes me productive is that I never give up to give quality content to my people. I figure all possible ways to satisfy my people either to change strategy or give them all possible explanations. It doesn't matter how much time it will take I am always there for them.

To become more Productive you need to add this attitude to your daily life.

6. Be Supportive and Let Others Rely on You

Productive people are not selfish or you think they just make friends for their own selfish motives. They help and be a supporter in there struggle too because it is very easy to motivate and support others when you are leading your life comfortably, but difficult to support other in tough and hard time.

Researchers said that people who are productive not want people around them, let them down. They always find reasons to motivate them to be supportive partners with them throughout their life.

By building the relationships that will help you in future crisis as well as its human nature that human always remembers persons who left them in their miseries and the people who supported in their difficult times.

No matter that person will help you in the future or not when you help your family or friends it will give you the strength to be productive.

7. Laugh on Failure.

Whenever you face rejection or be disturbed or bog down with failure just try to laugh. I speak for myself, I most often want to cry or yell at the situation. Productive People find crying a negative temptation, but instead of giving in, they find humor in the situation.

Laughter is a great therapy for people how are undergoes with depression and serious health issues. Study shows that laughter reduces blood pressure, stress, and can boost your mood.

From a physiological perspective try to bounce back from adversity, but the real habit is just learning to laugh even when things aren't working well.

8. Don't Loss Consciousness and Mentality

Whenever you face a hard time don't let your consciousness go in vain. Lot’s of us lose mentality. Productive individuals view difficulties and every set back in their own right, no matter what they gain or lose.

One study shows that getting mentally sick led people to miseries and cause serious health issues. It's ok if you are failing continuously, have faith that one day your circumstances will change and you keep yourself motivated and focused.

Productive people keep themselves mentally strong so that goal statement is always active. Keep reading motivational books of successful people, so that you can able to relate your situation with them.

9. Learn to Accept Rejection

Rejection plays a vital role for productive people. Sometimes people worried about being rejected. They lose hope and give reasons for being rejected. Sometimes taking a big decision may give you doubt or worry of being rejected.

Productive people don't care about the plot of the decision, that is, whether the decision is big or small, they don't think about the fear of being rejected. Because they know that negative terminologies and thinking resist them to achieve big results.

To increase your productivity, cultivate the perspective that rejection is not the only thing but it is a door that either opens your path or temporarily closes it. Just remember one thing that everything is a part of your journey.

10. Focus on What You Have, Not What you Don't Have

People always blaming the situation that due to lack of resources we could not achieve what we want. Why are people looking at resources? It's not about lack of resources but about resourcefulness. If you have resourcefulness, you are productive.

Always focus on whatever resources you have and try to stay focus on achieving your tasks and your goal. Productive people always find reasons to do tasks with whatever they have.

No matter where you are from, it all depends upon your willingness and strength that helps you to stay productive.

Becoming more productive will improve nearly every aspect of your life. Being productive is a mindset and an art that can be learned from experience. Your productivity towards life will showcase everything, it dictates how you respond to those events? — and how you grow from them, too.

Anyone can become productive they try to follow these habits and try to apply them in their real life.

These ten effective habits will help you to become more productive. It may not be easy, but believe me, it's worth it.



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