6 Tips For Dating You Must Know While Living with Parents

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Are you living with your parents? I’ll bet you are in need of these six crucial tips for dating while living with your parents.

More and more youngsters are moving back home for all sorts of reasons. As financially, and maybe even emotionally, beneficial living with your parents can be, it can be a real bummer for your dating life.

Do you want someone you just met to meet your parents right away? What about an intimate relationship? Will you have to sneak around? Does your bedroom share a wall with your parents?

Not to mention, how do your parents feel about you bringing someone over?

Will your date judge you for not having your own place? Trying to date while living with your parents has its very own collection of hurdles. So, when that is your situation, how do you manage?

Here are six tips for dating while living with your parents.

1. Ease into it.

When you live at home while dating, it can be best to slow things down. If you lived alone, you may bring a date back to your place on date one or two, but if your parents will be hanging on the sofa, you’ll probably want to get to know this person a bit better.

Go on some dates in public. If you want more alone time, take a walk in a park or go for a drive. Once you can trust this person, you can invite them over.

2. Have them meet briefly.

Before telling your parents about your relationship, have them meet first. Instead of inviting them for dinner, have them meet your parents briefly when they drop you off at the end of a date.

This will be a buffer for them to get the introductions out of the way before sharing a meal or spreading more time together.

This will show a good sign as you are not hiding anything from your parents.

3. Clue them in

Let your partner know you live at home. If they want to come over, they will be meeting your family. Let them know it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but that is the reality. Seeing their reaction will tell a lot. Also, let your partner know how your parents are?

Will they pry and ask you a lot of questions or politely say hello and let you have your privacy?

If this is your first time bringing someone home, ask your parents about it. Let your partner know how you want things to go and what they require from you to be comfortable.

4. Let your partner and parents know what they want.

If you are casually dating someone that will be at your family home, let your parents know that you are keeping things casual. Let them know you aren’t looking for anything serious and would appreciate it if they would give you privacy and distance.

Same with your partner. If you are in a relationship, tell your parents you’d like them to get to know your family and put in the effort to join them for meals or watching the game. Be upfront with your intentions. It is best to get it all out in the open so that there isn't a misunderstanding.

5. Set boundaries.

Depending on your parents, you, and your partner’s comfort levels you’ll want to set boundaries. It can be awkward to talk about. Trust me, the talk is way more comfortable than your mom walking in on you and your partner in a compromising position.

Talk about what is okay and what isn’t. Can your partner over unannounced and let themselves in? Can they help themselves to the pantry? Do your parents need notice if they are staying over?

Set some ground rules so that everyone knows how it works.

6. Own It

Many people are ashamed that they live at home, whether it is for financial reasons or just because you are close with your family. But if you aren’t proud to be living with your family, it will come off that way to the people you date.

Don’t apologize for living at home. It isn’t embarrassing. In fact, it shows strength and common sense. It showcases you as a family person and your partner will understand this.

When someone was ashamed of it, it was more of a turn-off than someone who said, well I’m close with my parents so don't mind.

Final Thoughts

Being Transparent with your parents is a good sign and don't feel ashamed of it. If you love your partner then, believe me, your partners respect your decisions.

And from parent’s perspective too, they want their child to be happy and safe. So, try to respect their decisions as well. Talk to them like your friend.

These six tips for dating while living with your parents help you live your life happily.



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