6 Ways to make people like you

It is the most booming topic and mostly asked topic because people oftentimes asked me this question that how I can impress my boss? how I can initiate a healthy and good conversation with someone I want to?

SoI have generalized a set of 6 principles which will help you not only in terms of business but also in your personal life.

Principle 1:

Become genuinely interested in other people

We oftentimes did this mistake to listen to our point instead of others. This will offend another person because conversion is a process in which at a time 2 persons are involved. So if we are only talking about ourselves and not showing any interest in the other person's conversation, this will resist them having a conversation with you.

So show interest in another person's words make it into the conversation and give them the importance as the other person is giving you by listening to you and give you leisure time.

If you are genuinely interested in other person conversations then it will help you to generate trust and respecting someone's words as well.

Principle 2:


Whenever you start a conversation give smile to others. It's not about influencing someone but a smile can heal any internal wound. This smile attitude showcase your personality and a good reference as a person like that person is nice, and keep on smiling instead of personal grudges.

This is human physiology and human nature that we like to talk to a person who gives a smile and not a person who is always in its attitude and try to be an introverted person.

Principle 3:

A person’s Name sounds sweetest and important

A Nike name given to people sounds like a personal bond with another person just like a Nike name given to a sister, brother, or best friend. It doesn't mean whenever you meet with a new person that you start making Nike names for that person, what I mean is the name should be pronounced in the conversation to another person as sweet and another person consider themselves important.

The pronunciation of the name should be accurate and don't make fun of names which resist people to have a conversation with you.

Principle 4:

Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves

The reason why we are having two ears and one mouth is justified with the above statement because if you are not focusing on listening to other conversations and give your thoughts until another person's argument is finished then it will give a bad reference about you.

Encouragement is something that few people will do. Everyone wants to dominate the conversation but they forget that if you are only listening to your conversation and not try to listen to others then no one wants to talk to you.

So encourage valid points not only as a listener but also as a friend that you should encourage the right things, not the bad ones.

Principle 5:

Talk in terms of other person’s interest

It's human nature that no one wants to invest time in having a nonsense conversation, not everyone but people talk to others if they can derive some interest(for example, money, and investment). So I am not saying that this a case for everyone but with my experience I can guide you that in this fast-growing environment most of the people don't matter that what is happening with others person's life.

So taking this physiology while doing conversation show some interest in others' conversation so that they can pay more attention. otherwise, there is no point in having a conversation because till the time you are having a conversation they show interest and the next day forgot everything.

Principle 6:

Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely

Making someone feel important is a dream of every person because every person wants that another person should give them equal importance. Respecting everyone's opinions will give you respect ultimately.

Have a conversation with a person so that they feel comfortable and can let you discuss their personal life. It's not about overreacting to a situation but show some concern towards a particular problem.

So Follow these principles in life and you will definitely impress anyone or can influence anyone.



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