7 Habits help you to Earn $200 per day from YouTube

YouTube marketing or creating your own channel helps people all around the world to get financial freedom and even helps people to become more aware through video content because studies have shown that videos are more effective to get the knowledge rather than written content.

So I have mentioned 7 habits that contribute effectively to earn money from youtube. Let’s refer them:

Habit 1: Creative Growth

One of the things that seem to be a common denominator between successful video producers in the online world, and particularly on YouTube, is that they are creative. Creativity plays a main contributing factor to become successful on youtube.

They pump out tons of great content on a regular basis. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to be uploading multiple videos in a single day– you should not sacrifice quality for quantity.

But if you can manage one or two videos a week then you are in a good situation. Which shows your consistency and generates trust in your audience which will you to generate not only money but also a habit of generating quality and creative content.

If viewers like your content then they’ll want to see more, and the more often you can give it to them the happier they will be. To flourish, multiply and produce, and reproduce!

Habit 2: Agenda

Scheduling is one of the vital keys to YouTube success. The agenda of solving the problem and being consistent is the hardest part to do on YouTube.The strategies that sound easy to do are actually hard to implement because you should be prepared with different topics every week.

Setting an agenda and sticking to it (For example, saying you’ll post videos every Tuesday and Monday and actually doing it)is a great way to keep yourself on task and on target, and your subscribers and fans will be grateful for it as well.

Habit 3: Encourage

Please know that if you do not encourage and promote yourself then the likelihood of people discovering your videos on their own is negligible. Online video promotion falls into three main categories,

1.The perfection of metadata,

2.Social Media promotion,

3. In-video promotion.

If you are not able to encourage yourself to push yourself forward then you cannot be able to encourage your audience to like yourself because in the process of making videos things don't work out in the manner you want.

Habit 4: MetaData

MetaData is the way you present your video content. This is a part of a promotion that falls by the wayside for many video producers. It’s all well and good if you create great content, but nobody will find it in search results if your titles, keywords, and descriptions are not appealing.

It's good that your content is useful but metadata also plays a vital role in the search result, which ultimately plays important role in the recommendation section.

Habit 5: Social Media Promotion

Famous YouTube stars and video producers with online followings do not focus all their attention on YouTube, and other video sites alone. If you look at some of the most popular figures ($100,000+ per year)in the world of online video you’ll see that almost all of them have a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook give them an opportunity not only to promote and share their new video that they upload but also to converse with their audience. To be precise, if you want to become a success in the world of online video, social media is very important.

Brands and online promotions approach you towards social media networks.

Subscribers are one of the biggest keys to success because they return to watch your videos again and again. Promoting yourself by asking viewers to subscribe to you, or prompting them to watch your other videos, favourite or thumbs up is one of the best ways to get your viewers to take action. It also allows you to build up your subscriber base and achieve a higher ranking on YouTube. This is especially important if your ultimate goal is to become a YouTube Partner.

Habit 6: Assess

Another important habit of successful video producers and YouTubers is that they test and assess. It means that you’ve got to experiment and try out different types of content in order to make out what works. See the analysis section of youtube which helps you to understand that what your audience wants?

Assess and measure the popularity of different types of content (whether it be music videos, animation, blogging, etc). When you hit something that people like you can go forward with it.

Habit 7: Work Together

Another habit for successful YouTube Partners would be teamwork. Particularly with video producers who have a large following. When you collaborate with other highly successful YouTubers, all of you can cross-promote and increase your respective fan bases.

Big YouTuber’s help each other and work in a team to grow their online business. You are coming up with different types of people that writing in the comment section or the emails that you have mentioned on your YouTube channel.


Finally, enjoy! Building an online following of fans and getting millions of video views to take a lot of time and if you are not enjoying then it’s just not worth it. Also, if you’re unhappy and fed up, then your attitude will be expressed in your videos and it will be a downer for
your audience.

The whole point of attaining and accomplishing success in the world of online video is that it opens up doors for you to do what you love and make money while doing it. Remember to have fun!



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