Small steps lead to massive results.

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When I was at the age of 20, I was eager to read motivational stories and personal development facts that help me think to be one of the profound personalities like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. I read almost all books and YouTube videos related to them.

But, after reading and watching almost 40 books, I realized that gaining knowledge is not the only thing but implementing knowledge into action.

In order to do the transformation, we need to implement the ideas that come across in our minds which actually impact our lives. …

Follow if you are a family person.

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Are you living with your parents? I’ll bet you are in need of these six crucial tips for dating while living with your parents.

More and more youngsters are moving back home for all sorts of reasons. As financially, and maybe even emotionally, beneficial living with your parents can be, it can be a real bummer for your dating life.

Do you want someone you just met to meet your parents right away? What about an intimate relationship? Will you have to sneak around? Does your bedroom share a wall with your parents?

Not to mention, how do your parents…

This Trait leads you to success.

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It is easy for us to live our life happily and comfortably when everything goes well in our daily life. But the main challenge comes when we need to prove ourselves to be productive in a tough time and difficult situation.

You know what Productivity is a trait that we need to endeavor that gives you the ability to become resilient. In today's life, we are not paying more attention to this trait which plays a vital role in order to have a happy lifestyle.

Being productive is an art, which could be learned from experience because today's generation lives…

Psychologists say there are giveaways to watch out for.

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Have you ever find yourself falling uncontrollably in love with the wrong person? When you start to like someone, you don't actually fall in love with them instantly. The feeling you experience is infatuation.

Most of us who have a crush on someone end up falling more in love with each passing day, not because we’re so helplessly drawn towards that person, but because we voluntarily choose to let that person sink their hooks deeper into our heart. And then keep on blaming the situation.

Infatuation, as much as it feels like an inescapable wall that blocks your view from…

Researchers say these are the symptoms to notice.

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This is a fact that many of us live life as it is, like a sleepwalk through life, with a motive to earn a living and totally unaware that we’re not happy at all. The life we are living is doing 9 to 5 jobs, have promotions, raise your family, and thinking of your retirement.

But truthfully told, we’re awkward and miserable.

Here are the five most common habits of unhappy people. If you exhibit these habits, it's time to restart and bring some positive changes in your life that bring joy and happiness.

1. You Afraid of Failure

Happy people live every second of…

Some People follow this strategy to become Successful

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Freelancing is the best option for people who want to work remotely and try to engage and help clients. Basically freelancing is booming because of the hourly pay rate or project-based rates. It gives people the freedom to do their work remotely.

With every passing day, there is more and more competition on various freelancing sites example,,, etc. Top sellers dominate this platform and make it difficult for new entrants to earn money.

So, I am giving you some strategies or gigs that will you to make 6 figures in a year from the freelancing business.

1. Designing: Logos, Banners, Cartoons, and Social Media

  • Graphic or Logo…

Earn more than $100,000 per year from YouTube

YouTube marketing or creating your own channel helps people all around the world to get financial freedom and even helps people to become more aware through video content because studies have shown that videos are more effective to get the knowledge rather than written content.

So I have mentioned 7 habits that contribute effectively to earn money from youtube. Let’s refer them:

Habit 1: Creative Growth

One of the things that seem to be a common denominator between successful video producers in the online world, and particularly on YouTube, is that they are creative. …

Million-dollar question if you want to become Rich!

One of the reasons many smart people fail to become rich, even though they have a very high IQ and did well in school, is because they lack the emotional intelligence required for financial success and wealth accumulation.

I am giving you four signs of low financial IQ which help you to become successful:

  1. They get rich too slowly because they play the money game too cautiously. They often, because these people are in job quadrant, pay a higher percentage of income in taxes, they fail to invest wisely, keeping their money in the bank, earning very little in interest…

Follow these principles and you can influence people around you.

It is the most booming topic and mostly asked topic because people oftentimes asked me this question that how I can impress my boss? how I can initiate a healthy and good conversation with someone I want to?

SoI have generalized a set of 6 principles which will help you not only in terms of business but also in your personal life.

Principle 1:

Become genuinely interested in other people

We oftentimes did this mistake to listen to our point instead of others. This will offend another person because conversion is a process in which at a time 2 persons are involved. …

Follow these 4 steps to succeed

When it comes to Education we are thinking about the knowledge we grab from colleges and schools. But the knowledge or education you derive from schools and colleges is not that significant as significant in our struggle to get a job and earn money because the skills we derive are theoretical and not practical. Which makes me remind a successful quote.

Skills make you rich, not theories.

So in order to understand the true meaning of education that is not taught in our colleges and schools, I created a pyramid-type polyhedron just like pyramids in Egypt(a stable structure). Just like…

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