What is Life-Changing Education in becoming successful?

When it comes to Education we are thinking about the knowledge we grab from colleges and schools. But the knowledge or education you derive from schools and colleges is not that significant as significant in our struggle to get a job and earn money because the skills we derive are theoretical and not practical. Which makes me remind a successful quote.

Skills make you rich, not theories.

So in order to understand the true meaning of education that is not taught in our colleges and schools, I created a pyramid-type polyhedron just like pyramids in Egypt(a stable structure). Just like we four-season, which are, winter, summer, spring, and fall in a similar way I have to categorize education as Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical education which is known as the learning pyramid.

Learning Pyramid
  1. Mental Education: Traditional education focuses primarily on mental education. It teaches you skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, all very important skills. These are often called cognitive skills. But what I personally did not like about traditional education was how it affected the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of education.
  2. Emotional Education: One of my complaints about traditional education is that it preys on the emotion of fear. More specifically, the fear of making mistakes, which leads to the fear of failing. Instead of inspiring me to learn, the teacher used the fear of failure to motivates me. 98% of people believe in this quote:

If you don’t get a good grades, you won’t get a high paying job.

In addition, when I was in school, I was punished for making mistakes. In school, I emotionally learned to fear making mistakes. The problem is, in the real world, the people who get ahead are the people who make the most mistakes and learn from them.

School teachers tell you making mistake is a sin. But when you see all the successful businessmen and entrepreneurs they are doing hundred of mistakes in order to achieve a platform of success. Hence, Making mistakes is how we are designed to learn. “We learn to ride a bicycle by falling off and getting back on again, falling off and getting back on”. Therefore, we can summarize from this concept:

It is sin to make a mistake and never learn from them

Explaining further, Do you know why people lie after making a mistake?

The answer is that they are emotionally terrified of admitting they made a mistake, hence, they waste an opportunity to learn and grow.

Making a mistake, admitting it without blaming your mistake on someone else, or justifying or making excuses is how we learn. But, making a mistake and not admitting it, or blaming someone else for your mistakes, is a sin.

I have seen most of the successful people and did a deep analysis of them, they are financially successful than most people, not because they are smarter than most people, but because they made more mistakes.

These mistakes restore a person’s self-confidence and once you have more confidence, your life is changed forever.

3. Physical Education: People afraid of making mistakes don’t learn much because they don’t do much. Most people know that learning is really a physical process as much as it is a mental process. Reading and writing are physical processes, just as learning to play tennis is a physical process.

If you have conditioned to know all the right answers and not to make mistakes, the chances are your educational process is hampered.

So ask yourself a question How can you progress if you know all the answers but are terrified of trying anything?

If you are not willing to help you to help yourself nobody in this world will help you to help yourself.

So, encourage yourself to go out and face your fears by taking action, making a mistake, learning from the mistake, and growing mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger from the process.

The traditional education system encourages you to learn the facts and then emotionally teaches you to be afraid of making mistakes, which holds you back physically.

It has been said that if you want to change what a person does, change the way they think. Lately, more people are subscribing to the idea that if you want to change the way a person thinks, first change what they are doing because it is important that what you think and what you do.

The trouble with traditional educational systems is that they punish you for doing the wrong thing, rather than correcting what you are doing.

4. Spiritual Education: First, I feel it important that I explain my personal views before going into this often hot and emotional topic. I use Spiritual education in order to be grounded because, with money ego, anger and selfish attitude come so I use Spiritual education to resist these attitudes.

Once I was at peace with the possibility of either life or death, I could then choose how I wanted to live my life the next day. In other words, would I fly with courage or would I fly with fear? Once I made my choice, I called on my human spirit to carry me through the next day, to fly and fight to the best of my ability, regardless of the outcome.

War is a horrible event. It causes people to do horrible things to other human beings. Yet it was in the war that I also saw the very best of humanity. It was in the war that I gained a sense of human power far beyond our human limitations. Moreover, we all have that power. I know you have it.

The good news is that you don't have to go to the war to witness this power.



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